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Hi. My name is Ethan Somerman and I hug monsters.

This blog is a place for those lovely people who ensure everyone has a full plate and a warm mug to stop, sit, and settle into their own place at the table. For those who sustain the lives of others to pause and find their own sustenance. Big hearts and hungry souls will always be welcome here.

Hugging Monsters is sort of a parenting blog. Sort of. It’s about the journey to embrace my own inner monsters while loving my littlest and most wonderful monster, my daughter.

You will find no parenting advice, recipes, or craft ideas. No hacks, tricks, or trends. You will find stories by me, the monster hugger. I write stories about how my heart grows, glows, bursts, and breaks everyday as a parent. Stories about my struggle to nurture the part of me that nurtures and tend the part of me that is most tender-hearted.

I started this blog when I realized what I thought was a break down was actually a breaking open. Parenting both made and unmade me. I felt both completely unraveled and knit back together again.

Parenting is lonely work. I decided to whisper my stories into the world with hopes that you will find something that resonates. A moment where you feel less alone. A place where you can connect. I wanted to build webs, not walls.

I live in Maine with my daughter. Whenever there is a full moon, we head to the beach for a picnic and howl at the moon as it rises. We make big Sunday breakfasts and enjoy dancing to Motown music. Someday I’d like to keep bees.

I value the rare treasure of connection in whatever form it comes in. Sign up to receive new blog posts delivered to your email by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Follow me on facebook. Write me a message. Stay connected.